Posted 2 years ago

How do I know if I have the current version of the program?
I purchased Pro ver April 2013


Posted 2 years ago

Can the width and height be responsive? One year ago you answered, at this moment no. Is there some good news meanwhile?
Do you have any other way to show a good performance on both, desktop and smartphone (settings, html …) like width 960px on desktop, 480px on smartphone

Brendon Mills

Posted 3 years ago

Tried to register but not received your automated activation email at my gmail account
I checked this is working by sending myself a mail from another address


Posted 3 years ago

the silder doesnt show up i followed all the instruction

i can only see this text in my page

jstyler SliderJS


Posted 3 years ago

Nice slider! The illustrator work is super on and so I would like to find out who did it?

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